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Use your TOTAL POINTS to buy entries into our Members Only Prize Draws. Only members can enter these draws.
If you'd like to keep receiving emails, please register your new email address HERE. Once this is done please email us and we'll update your points!
At the beginning of each month we reset everyone's MONTHLY POINTS to zero so that everyone has an equal chance to win our Leaderboard Prizes. Your TOTAL POINTS never reset to zero and you use those to purchase entries into our Members Only Prize Draws.
Just refresh your screen. If this doesn't fix the problem, log out and back in.
Usually 4 - 6 weeks. Some companies may take longer, especially if they are shipping overseas. Please note that we do not own the free samples; we find them online and post them here for our members.
Simply click the 'Unsubscribe' link in any of the emails we send you to be instantly unsubscribed.

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